Gantarel RT Swimbait


Gantarel RT Swimbait

The Jackall Gantarel delivers a smooth S-shaped swimming action that stimulates predacious instincts.
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BRAND: Jackall

Gantarel RT Swimbait

The Gantarel delivers a smooth S-shaped swimming action that stimulates predacious instincts. Able to perform 180-degree turns with a sharp jerk, the Gantarel evokes reflex-driven reaction strikes from cautious followers. Constructed with a number of subtle, yet innovative features, the Gantarel is built with a swiveling line-tie and swiveling hook hangers, which reduce line twists and limit a fish’s ability to use the lure as leverage during a fight. At the chin, the Gantarel features an extra hanger that allows anglers to fine-tune the rate-of-fall with the addition of a weight. On each side, molded pectoral fins work to enhance stability and cause the lures to dive at a realistic angle. For quick-and-easy trailer hook attachment, the Jackall Gantarel is fitted with a perforation molded into the tail design. Offered in some of the most realistic finishes on the market, the Gantarel is a must-have for any serious trop hy hunter.

Slow Floating

This allows you to avoid being snagged simply by stopping your retrieve and letting it float back up. Keeping it at the surface near structure will create strikes as well.

Jointed Body

This allows the Gantarel to swim in it's S-Shaped motion. With just a twitch of your rod tip, the Gantarel can turn 180 degrees and trigger a strike.

Bearing Swivel Line Tie

This smart little feature is very helpful when it comes to line twist. It will eliminate most of the frustrations we get from line tangles.

Pectoral Fins

These fins are not there just because they make it look that much more real. They are actually angled slightly to allow the Gantarel to dive about 3 feet.


The feathers on the hook are there to help camoflage, as well as, keep the hook floating. The hooks themselves are attached to swivels so they turn 360 degrees to help you land more fish.


  • Brand: Jackall
  • Type: Swimbait
  • Color: RT Bluegill, RT Spawn Gill, Gizzard Shad
  • Class: Slow-floating
  • Length (Inch): 6.3 | 5
  • Weight (oz): 2.45 | 1.5