Reed Sets

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Reed Sets

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BRAND: Rich-N-Tone

RNT Replacement Reed Set

Double Reed Replacement Set (RNT-RNT931)

Services: Alpha 2 and Macrohen
Includes: 5 Corks and 3 Double Reed Sets (top and bottom reeds)

Mondo Reed Set (RNT-RNT1098)

Services: Mondo, Mondo LT, Mondo LA, Mondo S, Mondo LT S, and Mondo LA S
Includes: 3 mondo reeds and 5 corks

Single Reed Replacement Set (RNT-RNT930)

Services: Original, Short Barrel, Daisy Cutter, MVP, Mezzo, Microhen, Big Boy, Old Style, Slugger, Born On, DS Diablo (Daisy Slayer), Lil Richie, and Duck Hunter
Includes: 3 Reeds and 5 Corks