Rogers Toughman 2-In-1 Insulated Breathable Wader

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$179.99 $299.99
$179.99 $299.99

New 2-in-1 Insulated Breathable Wader!

All new zip-out insulated liners make this wader one of the most versatile waders on the market! You’ll stay comfortable longer.

Accidentally take a step to deep and dunk your waders, zip out the insulation and throw it in the dryer.

  • Adjustable suspenders with quick-release buckles
  • 120 gram Zip-Out Liner
  • 1200 gram Boot
  • Internal Water-Resistant Cell Phone Pocket
  • Fleece-lined Hand Warmer
  • External Water-Resistant Storage Pocket
  • Integrated Shell Loops
  • Heavy-Duty, Abrasion-Resistant Nylon Shin, Knees and Seat


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BRAND - Rogers Sporting Goods
COLOR - Realtree Max 5

Ratings & Reviews

16 reviews

Awesome waders!


I’ve been looking for several weeks for a good pair of waders. I’ve ordered some online that I’ve sent back. Tried some on at Cabela’s that didn’t have the right fit. I called Rogers customer care # and talked with a very helpful lady about these. I’m 5’11 230lbs, most of that weight is on the top half. So things don’t always fit right. I was looking for the ‘stout’ or ‘husky’ fit but she suggested ‘regular’ based on what I told her. These waders arrived in time for the weekend hunt, and they fit awesome! Plenty of room for my coat with some room to spare. Foot size is great, maybe a smidge big. I wear an 11 on basically everything. These waders have room throughout with no restrictions. I’m now a Rogers customer for life!

Best fit ever.


Two duck hunting buddies have them and swear by them. So I initially purchased a 10 regular. The boots were true to size and too tight with liner socks and a heavy pair over them. I reordered 11-Slims and they fit better than any others I've tried particularly with the cinch straps on the sides.
<br>The zip out liners are a nice option for CA hunting where it can be hot at the start of the season and snowing at the end. Hunted in them once so far and they were great for the long walk to set up and slogging through the mud.
<br>I've been going through a pair of the Cabela's waders every 3 years for a decade. I'd like to see these last at least that long. I'll reserve the 5th star for the longevity test.

Great wader


I bought a pair of this same wader last year unfortunately I did not try on enough and just went hunting. I wear an 11 the 11 boots wear WAY to big like a 12. I ordered another pair in a size 10 since I liked the ones I had bought previously so much and to my surprise they updated the shoulder straps and added cinch straps to the top ( even better). I did not give 5 stars only because I have not yet hunted in them enough to give a final review very comfortable like hunting in a sleeping bag almost

Great waders, boots are thin rubber and wear out.


Great waders! I wore them all last season. They boot cracked on the top along the ridges . Water poured right in. Other than the boots being to thin they are awesome.

Great while they lasted


I really loved how comfortable, warm, and versatile they were. I hunted pretty hard in them this past season from teal in 70 degrees to big ducks in 18 they were comfy. That being said they didn’t make it through the whole season before I had some serious leaks. The entire crotch seam leaked pretty bad as well as where the boots met the legs. However I have a buddy that has hunted hard in them for a couple years now with no issues. So Im probably gonna get another pair and hope for the best.

Hot to cold weather these are the waders for you!

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Bought these last June. Hunted 40 days last season and not 1 single problem. Love the zip out liner. Hunted 70 degrees opener and 10 degrees on the closer. Most versatile comfy waders I've ever owned!

Impressive so far!


I tried these out for the first time this morning and if have to say I'm really impressed so far. I am used to neoprene waders and these are much more roomy and easy to get on and off. They also don't hold water in the material so when you rest your elbows in your knees while sitting in the duck blind, your arms don't get wet. We will see about the durability, but so far I am really impressed with the comfort, style, mobility and light weight.

Leaky waders...


I hunted with these waders a solid 16 hunts in the course of the calendar year. While all seemed to be going well, today I had the unpleasant surprise of water in my boot above the boot and below the zipper to attach insulation (orange zipper) where it is neoprene lined. Let me also add that I take care of my waders religiously (wash after every hunt, air-dried inside and out after hunt, etc). Needless to say, waders of this stature and quality should not last less than a year-even with poor user handling. I have bought plenty of rogers brand items in the past and have had only good things to say. While it hurts me to write this review, I feel as if it needs to be addressed. As a college student I cannot afford to pay this much for a pair of waders that should last me a good long while if I take care of them the way I do. Aside from the negativity, while the waders lasted, they were king. Just as every other review has stated they are like hunting in a sleeping bag.

Overall, good quality for the price


These Waders run a true size, are pretty comfy, reinforced where it needs to be, have enough room for layers, keep you warm or cool anytime of year with the zip in/out insulation and so far have withstood over a year of abuse river fishing, duck hunting and working in them with some minor damage. The Inside plastic phone pouch lasted a couple months before the plastic ripped open where it is sewn to the zipper patch. Not a big issue. The outside shell holders have been used and a little abused causing the sewn thread to break rendering a few shell spots unusable. Luckily and thankfully there has been no leaks or rips, although through nasty stuff i have always been mor careful of causing these things. Expecting a few years of hard use. Overall, good quality for the price.

Pretty siiiccckkkk


Just got em in the mail and haven't been able to hunt them yet, but here's my first impression... I'm 5'10" 220lbs, wear a size 12 shoe.. These fit perfectly and I don't have any restrictions moving/ walking around in the yard. I really like how you can adjust them with the waist belt and under the armpits. The shoulder straps are slim, and I don't see any issues shouldering the gun, unlike other brands that are bulky and snag the butt of the gun. They appear to be well built, and I really like the ability to take out the liner for early season. They will be put to the test of a icee Lake Champlain waterfowl season, and I don't see a reason why they wouldn't last several years.

Problem with my waders


Was a great wader while they lasted but they only made it less than a year before the boot cracked on top where the boot turns up for the ankle near the crease. Maybe I got a bad pair because I have loved all the Rogers stuff I have bought and never had a problem but hopefully they will make it right

Seems to be a good product, time will tell....

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I have recently received my new Rogers breathable waders. I am impressed with the light weight, and they seem well made. I have not taken them out into the water yet. As far as size goes, they fit very well. I am 6' 2" and 230 lbs. And require a size 11 shoe. I ordered the Size 11 regular fit and it is perfect for my build and desired fit. The straddle is long enough that it does not cause trouble and the upper it tall enough that it comes all the way to fit beneath my arm pits. The boot is roomy enough for a thick pair of wool socks, but with some room for breathing and tight enough that my foot should not pull out. In other words, it seems just right.

Stupid comfortable

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These waders are by far the softest on the inside and durable on the outside! Extremely flexible, climbing in a layout boat will be a breeze! The liner is extremely warm, and easy to take out and put back in, I wear size 10 boot and got an 11 R and they fit perfect, I like wearing thick socks so that will leave perfect room for that! I'd recommend these 10 out of 10 times

Terrible quality boots


They were great for a year, until the boot cracked in the same spot as a previous reviewer. Going to try to patch them but pretty difficult to do on the boot usually. LOW quality boots and not worth anything near their asking price.

Waders have potential !


The features of the wader are without a doubt impressive but the regular size is way to large I’m 5’10 and feels like I’m floating in them. This is my second pair first pair leaked at where the leg connects to boot, seems to be a problem rogers replaced but with no warranty on new pair. Waders seem to have life expectancy of 2years if your lucky.

Warranty issues


Very good product. Used them one season and my boot split on the top no fault of mine. Rogers nor frogg togg would help warranty.