Strike King

Ned Ocho 9 Pack

Strike King

Ned Ocho 9 Pack

The Ned Rig has taken off in the bass fishing community as one of the most productive fishing methods.
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BRAND: Strike King

Strike King Ned Ocho 9 Pack

Strike King's Perfect Plastics are the BEST soft plastic lures on the market due to their exclusive blend of ingredients which make them the softest, saltest plastics ever. They also feature Strike King's exclusive Coffee Scent technology which helps mask human scent and oils and attracts fish to bite. The lifelike feel of the soft body and the taste of the extra salt cause fish to hold on longer. The soft texture is more flexible for better action and enables better hook penetration for a higher hook-up ratio. You will catch more fish using Perfect Plastics!


  • Unique, heavily ribbed octagonal body
  • The Strike King Ned Ocho is a downsized version of Strike King's Ocho soft plastic stickbait
  • 8-sided body with added notched channels on the bait's sides designed to give it a lifelike, quivering action that releases bubbles on the retrieve
  • Plastic is slightly buoyant, causing it to lift off the bottom and stand-up - essential to a proper Ned rig presentation
  • Super soft, super salty, and infused with Strike King's exclusive Coffee Scent