Pro-Grade Full Body Mallard Harvester, 12 Pack

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Pro-Grade Full Body Mallard Harvester, 12 Pack

Avery GHG Pro-Grade Full Body Mallard Harvester, 12 Pack with Flocked Head Drakes
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Product Details

FLOCKING: Flocked Head
HEAD STYLE: Harvesters


Whether you need confidence decoys around a blind or are hunting ducks feeding in a field, the Pro-Grade Full Body Mallard is the decoy for you. This decoy utilizes a one piece design, RealMotion II system, and is true life-sized. Drakes come with flocked heads for exceptional realism!

  • Perfect bodies, RealLegs and molded-in primaries combine with vibrant paint schemes and six body styles for unprecedented attention to small details.
  • Flocked draked heads provide unsurpassed realism
  • Six different body styles create the perfect flock
  • Realmotion system for movement in any winds
  • True-to-life feather detail & vivid color schemes
  • Heavy duty flocking & paint for long term durability
  • Durable high density polyethylene one piece bodies
  • Perfect addition to dry fields & shallow water spreads

This Harvester Pack Includes:

  • 2 High Head drakes
  • 2 Walker drakes
  • 2 Content hens
  • 2 Stretch Neck Feeder drakes
  • 2 Searcher Feeder drakes
  • 2 Feeder hens
  • Stakes and round bases