Duck Lander Calls

Born in Missouri and raised in no where Kansas, being outdoors was always a big part of Bobby's life, especially hunting and fishing. His family was also full of outdoors men, craftsmen, machinist, carpenters and inventors. This made for a great environment for Bobby to learn how to use his hands with people that shared hard work and a love for hunting and fishing. In high school, Bobby's passion for waterfowl out weighed all other hunting and he decided to put his full attention on chasing ducks. This lead him to Mike Keller's house, owner of BGB duck calls. Mike would help Bobby with calling techniques. Being around all of Mike's great calls really got Bobby intrigued about how they worked and what made them perform. Bobby would order and buy all kinds of calls. He would tweak the tone boards and bores to try and see what he could change to see if he could improve them. Years later this lead to the first duck call to come from his shop and the start of Duck Lander Calls in 2004.

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