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Millennium Marine

Perform in comfort with Millennium's exclusive, patented, ComfortMax seat, designed for years of solid use. Millennium Marine has a seating system fit for every body of water and every species – from the saltwater flats of the south to the cool water lakes and rivers of the north.

Every seat in Millennium Marine’s comprehensive B-Series is built for the performance-minded individual. Our Comfort\Max seat withstands all temperatures and weather conditions, and the B-Series also comes in green for duck blinds and shooting houses.

Our Pro-M Series is a dual purpose lineup. Every seat in the Pro-M Series is engineered with all of the same great features found on the B-Series. What sets the Pro-M Series apart is its heavier, reinforced anodized frames, built tough to handle the rigors of everyday use in harsh, saltwater environments.

Our saltwater series of ComfortMax seats come with anodized, heavy-duty aluminum frames designed to stand up to the rigors of daily use in a saltwater environment.

11 Products