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MOJO Outdoors is the number one maker of motion and spinning wing decoys in the world offering innovative and dependable products for duck, predator, turkey, and dove hunting.

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Mojo Single Decoy Bag, Mossy Oak Blades
$54.99 $99.99
MOJO King Mallard with Remote
$109.99 to $149.99
Mojo Blind/Timber Bag
$39.99 $99.99
MOJO Elite Series Pintail
$59.99 $89.99
MOJO Mini Mallard Drake
$59.99 $84.99
MOJO Elite Series, Floater Mallard
$129.99 $139.99
MOJO Outdoors Mud Seat
MOJO Flyway Feeder Drake
Mojo Wind Dove Decoy
Mojo Elite Series Redhead Floater
$129.99 $139.99
MOJO Butt Up Rippler
$34.99 $39.99

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MOJO Elite Series, Floater Bluebill
$129.99 $139.99