Zink Calls

We couldn't find the perfect calls. So, we decided to make them. Tradition meets innovation in every Zink Premium Hunting Call.

Here at Zink Calls, our goal and the goal of Avian-X is to promote the sport of waterfowling and turkey hunting too the hunting public in a traditional, ethical, responsible, and enjoyable manner. It’s our wish to inspire, educate, and entertain our fellow sportsmen and women throughout the United States and Canada. That and we want very much to promote the sport of hunting within the ranks of our country's young people.

We as outdoor manufacturers owe it to ourselves and the hunting communities to do everything we can to recruit, educate, and encourage young outdoors people. It's our wish, to help today's duck, goose, and turkey callers to be more successful afield, whether that success is translated into birds on the ground, or memories to be cherished for a lifetime. The Zink Calls / Avian-X Team will do it all – and all with one thought in mind… Mediocrity is NOT an option!

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