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The Lead Sled Solo

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| Frequently Asked Questions


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The Lead Sled Solo

| Frequently Asked Questions
Caldwell 101777 The Lead Sled Solo
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Product Details

BRAND: Caldwell

Caldwell The Lead Sled Solo

The Lead Sled Solo is the newest addition to Caldwell's line of recoil reducing rests. A smooth pivoting elevation system is controlled with a single knob making adjustments onto target fast and precise. The heavy duty steel construction provides a stable and solid shooting platform. Its unique offset frame is designed to accommodate all rifles including detachable magazine rifles like the popular AR-15 platform as well as lever actions guns. The front support is height adjustable has a durable rubberized coating that will not scratch or mar your gun.

The Lead Sled Solo has an integrated weight tray that will hold a single 25 pound bag of shot. The combination of the weight and a heavy duty spring between the frame members all but eliminates recoil on non-magnum calibers and greatly reduces recoil on all calibers. A welded steel brace covered with a durable rubber boot secures the butt of the gun while protecting it from abrasions. A strap integrated into the front support can be used to easily secure your rifle onto the rest.  

  • Ultra stable design
  • Great recoil reducing performance
  • AR-15/lever action compatible
  • Heavy Duty steel frame construction
  • Durable non-marring support in front and rear
  • Fast, precise pivoting elevation system
  • Gun retention strap included
  • 25 pound capacity weight tray



Will the Lead Sled Solo really reduce recoil?
Absolutely! The Lead Sled Solo was engineered specifically to eliminate recoil. The effectiveness of the design was proven through extensive testing.

What is unique about Lead Sled Solo?
The Solo was designed to accomodate detachable magazine, semi-auto rifles like the AR-15 and lever guns. The offset frame accepts AR mags and leaves room for operating a lever.  

Will the Lead Sled Solo Damage my stock or my scope?
No. With up to 25 pounds of weight the rest will in no way damage a modern gun or scope. The rest basically takes the place of your shoulder and absorbs and transfers the recoil through the frame.

What should I use for weight?
Adding any weight to the tray reduces recoil. Our extensive testing has shown lead shot to perform better than sand and better than solid metal weight. For the Solo, we recommend 25 pounds of lead shot.

Tech Specs

  • Weight: Approx. 14 pounds
  • Length: 26"
  • Width: 18"
  • Weight Capacity: Approx. 25 pounds
  • Frame Material: Steel
  • Box Size: 24" * 8.25" * 6.25"
  • UPC: 661120017776