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Buck urine stimulates a buck's dominance reaction and piques his curiosity. Whether you want to create a new scrape or freshen up an existing one, Code Blue Scrape Mate is effective over the entire deer hunting season. This unique deer hunting product increases and promotes activity on mock scrapes or primary scrapes where bucks are marking their territory. Pour the powerful deer scent on a scrape, and the bucks will keep it fresh. Trophy bucks are notoriously nocturnal, but Scrape Mate will help you pattern them - all deer hunting season long.

Scrape Mate brings bucks in, arousing curiosity in the early season or rage from territorial infringement in the later part of the season. Code Blue Scrape Mate is intensified by natural deer gland secretions. This combination of deer gland secretion and urine will create unbelievable scrape activity, lip curling and even rubbing! Use it today to create an area of buck activity near your stand.

Just be careful, because during the heaviest rut activity, using this potent deer scent will cause bucks to become very aggressive. Each bottle of Code Blue Scrape Mate is collected from a single buck because each deer has its own characteristic odor. Our 1-buck-per-bottle policy makes each deer attractant stronger and more realistic, and eliminates the chance that another deer hunter in the area is using a scent that smells like yours.

1 fl. oz.

BRAND - Code Blue

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