Dakota Decoy Signature Series Upright Canada Geese, 6 Pack

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Dakota Decoy 19400 Signature Series Upright Canada Geese, 6 Pack

Realism just met its match! Dakota Decoy is proud to introduce to you our all new Signature Series Honkers. High definition best describes these decoys.

The decoys feature a one piece body, so there are no heads to mess with. They are constructed of our new EVA plastic, which takes a beating and comes out on top!

They come in 5 unique body postures, bringing your spread to life.

They also include our proven Wind Walker Motion Base. No stakes to push into frozen ground!

Upright Pack includes 3 walking actives, 2 relaxed actives and one sentry

BRAND - Dakota Decoys
FLOCKING - Painted
HEAD STYLE - Uprights

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These decoys are built like tanks. You can toss them in to the trailer and not look back. Time after time these decoys will still look like new. The paint holds up great and the time saved not having to bag is priceless.

Great decoy


I am very happy with the signature series deocys. They are very durable and can take a beating. After two seasons of being thrown into a trailer they still look great. In the wind they rarely tip over for as light as they are. Great product Dakota!

Lifelike realism


Lifelike as they come. Quality and durability is great. I don't even bag these things, just keep them on their stands and pile them up! 2 seasons now and they still look like I pulled them out of the box. Thanks Dakota



Love my signature series. They look great in the field or on a shore line. Lite and easy to carry around. Stand up in some pretty good winds. Durability is great if they can last years with me, I know they can last to others