Dakota Decoy X-Treme Gadwalls, 6 Pack

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Dakota Decoy is proud to introduce our all new X-Treme Gadwall. The decoys feature the most realistic paint scheme ever seen on a Gadwall decoy.

They are slightly oversized, and come in 4 unique body postures.

They are packaged in 6 packs with 1 upright drake, 2 resting drakes, 1 upright hen and 2 relaxed hens. They have a weighted keel to hold them down in the windiest conditions.

They feature the toughness you have learned to expect with all DD decoys!

When conditions get tough… add the most “ducky” looking Gadwall available to your spread!

BRAND - Dakota Decoys
FLOCKING - Painted

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A must-have decoy.


Hands-down best gadwall on the market. If you hunt in areas with a grays this is a must have in your spread.

Add's realism


Got some of these to add some more realism to my spread. We see more Gadwall's than anything else where I hunt. These decoys really do the trick, bout everytime we throw these out we have gadwall's try and land right in with them. The detail is am...

Awesome Product from Dakota


I hunt a lot of grey ducks in Alabama. I purchased these decoys last year in hopes of mixing things up and giving them a different look than the typical mallard spread everybody has out. Results were quite astonishing as they would typically favor...

Excellent addition to Spread


Gadwalls can be some of the most weary ducks out there. They fall in like a kamikaze, then hang up just outside of gun range. I recently started adding some of these decoys to my spread and have fell in love with these decoys. It has showed me tha...

Great Decoy


The most realistic Gadwall that I have ever hunted over. These are well built, float right, and are quiet on the water. A nice addition to any spread.

Love the Body postures


I just received these decoys and can't wait to hunt over them. I love the look and detail that went into these new decoys. They seem really tough and durable and the look of these grey ducks is dead on! Well done Dakota Decoy Company!

perfect addition to the spread


These decoys with their excellent detail add to the spread very well. Everything looks natural as it should.

Raining Gads!


Hunted these last year. I have to say the detail and durability are phenomenal! First time ive ever had an all Gadwall 3 man limit day!

Solid Deke


Had a choice to get a doz of these or a doz of Avian for the same $, took a chance and i got the Dakotas. I regretted it at first, the Avians have a more detailed paint job then the Dakotas. The soft EVA Avian makes their decoys much lighter but the paint job is surprisingly durable. Since then Ive come around on the Dakota Gaddies. When you get them on the water they match that mottled gray look that real gadwall have. The best thing about the Dakotas is the size, theyre actually bigger then some other companies life size mallards. The bigger dekes help if your hunting bigger water.

The best out there.


The detail and paint scheme on these Gadwalls is unrivaled by any other decoy. Gadwall dekes I have used in the past just end up looking like a black blob. These are going to help add more diversity and realism to my decoy spread this upcoming s...

unmatched realism


The gadwall floater is a must for the duck hunter. The paint on these are the closet to the real thing you can get. With the weighted keel these decoys are always upright after throwing them out. The brown colors also can be used for early season ...