Dave Smith Decoys

Breeding Pair Turkey Decoys



Dave Smith Decoys

Breeding Pair Turkey Decoys

Place the DSD Breeding Pair in a gobbler’s path and get ready for a show!

This setup gives the lifelike appearance of a subordinate jake that is about to breed a willing hen.

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BRAND: Dave Smith Decoys

Breeding Pair Turkey Decoys

This combo is one of our most effective and easily transported setups. Designed to give the appearance of a young jake that is about to get an opportunity to breed a hen. Place the Jake a few yards away from this receptive hen to show a tom that he has time to rush in and take the situation over. Use this pair on their own, or combine them with more hen decoys to create an entire flock. Like all our turkey decoys, this pair is made out of our legendary A.C.E. Technology which means that they are built to last. There is no inflation required, so their rugged bodies will always hold their natural shape. Also like our other turkeys, they can even withstand an accidental shotgun blast or broadhead through the body with only minimal damage. Made in the U.S.A.


  • Convey the Appearance of a Small Jake About to Breed a Willing Hen
  • Modest size is Ideal for Packing
  • Deadly Accurate Colors & Detail.
  • Purchase as a Set And Save Money


  • (1) ¾ Strut Jake
  • (1) Submissive Hen
  • (1) Jake Stake
  • (2) Camo Bags with Shoulder Straps