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Dave Smith Decoys 3/4 Strut Jake Turkey Decoy

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Dave Smith Decoys 3/4 Strut Jake Turkey Decoy

The DSD Jake is the DEADLIEST gobbler decoy ever to hit the turkey woods! He is our pride and joy.

A true American original, a TON of research and hard work went into the development of the pose, the detail, just the right attitude, and even the whole half-strut jake decoy concept. Still, with all that going for him, he would never work as good as he does without our legendary finish. The correct colors and just the right amount of iridescence and pearlescence, plus our hard-earned feather-matching UV Reflectivity.

Made of legendary A.C.E. Technology, the DSD Jake is built to withstand relentless beatings by other gobblers. The posture, plus the coloring and attitude of the head is designed to illicit a jealousy and/or territorial response from ANY gobbler, dominant or subordinate and has been thoroughly tested and used successfully by countless hunters since we first came out with him in 2009. He’s very portable and includes a carry bag with shoulder strap and is always ready to go with no inflation necessary. He also moves just right in a light or heavy breeze with the included motion stake.

Includes NEW Camo carry bag with DSD Logo, and motion stake.

“The DSD Jake was one of the most difficult sculptures I have ever done. Brad had conceptualized the pose and we knew it would be taking a big risk since no other decoy company had made the pose before. It took me months to work out the shape and symmetry, and when it came to the “easy” part of carving in the fine feather details, I worked 22 hours straight to finish him, and then drove him straight from my studio to the decoy shop. It was a fun night and good day and the reward has been every day since.”

- Dave Smith, Founder and Lead Design of DSD and avid hunter

"Back in 2008 the turkey hunting industry spoke loud and clear to us; Hunters were tired of scaring birds off with their overly aggressive gobbler decoys. They had lost confidence in gobbler decoys as a whole and many had gone back to hen-only setups or no decoys at all. We knew there had to be a solution to their struggles. After all, real gobblers were still challenging one another in the wild. After some extensive research we decided that if we were going to make a gobbler decoy then we were going to have to do something that no other decoy manufacturer had ever done before-to build an ultra-realistic replica of a gobbler at the VERY BOTTOM of the pecking order, a decoy that NO gobbler would frighten from, one that had the realism to draw gobblers in CLOSE and illicit them to attack. As usual we went all out and after many long months and sleepless nights the DSD Jake was born. I have hunted all across the country for 3 years with the DSD Jake and there are only three words that come to mind when I think of what we have accomplished as a team with this project – WE ACED THIS!”

- Brad Cochran, Co-Owner of DSD and diehard turkey hunter

BRAND - Dave Smith Decoys

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