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  • Federal Premium NEW Speed Shok 12 Gauge 3" 1 1/4oz 1450FPS

Federal Premium NEW Speed Shok 12 Gauge 3" 1 1/4oz 1450FPS

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Federal Premium NEW Speed Shok 12 Gauge 3" 1 1/4oz 1450FPS

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Speed kills ducks and geese. Now it kills even cleaner with redesigned Federal Speed-Shok®.

Its Catalyst primer and faster burning powders dramatically reduce residue, while its optimized velocities knock birds out of the sky.

Features & Benefits

  • New and improved loads
  • Faster-burning, cleaner propellant leaves drastically less residue in the barrel and action
  • Catalyst high-performance primer provides the most complete, consistent ignition possible
  • Optimized velocities


  • Gauge: 12
  • Shell Length: 3"
  • Muzzle Velocity: 1450FPS
  • Payload: 1 1/4oz

Recommended uses: Hunting small, medium and large ducks, medium and large geese.

Sold by the case. 25 rounds per box, 10 boxes per case, for a total of 250 rounds per case.


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BRAND - Federal Ammunition
GAUGE - 12
SHOT WEIGHT OZ - 1 1/4 oz

Ratings & Reviews

7 reviews

5 starts all day.


Would of gave my review above 5 stars but for some reason the 5th star won't highlight win I click it....

Best of the best!


I bought a case of #2 and I have knocked down geese 50+ yards and folded a lot of fat mallards this season!
<br>SBE3 with a Carlson cremator long-range choke tube and federal blue box is a great combo!
<br>No issues with FTF or FTE!
<br>No bad primer strikes!
<br>Honestly no issues at all!
<br>I have alot of other "premium" ammunition that is still sitting on the shelf because the federal blue box is all you need to get the job done. Will be buying a few more cases for next season 🤘

Follow up


I wrote an earlier review pertaining to the impressive patterns, but hadn't really shot enough to rate the cleanliness, or effectiveness in field. After 2/3ds of the season, I'd rate them among the cleaner steel I've shot, and the performance rates the same. I'll probably step up to #3s next season, but have not been disappointed in the #4s at all. They did the trick on the early decoying mallards, and are surprising me a bit on the late season divers at longer range on big waters where cripples can easily be lost if not hit hard to begin with. As a bonus, I picked up four large Canadas that came in to 8 goose silhouettes we had set out as confidence decoys during early pot hole mallard hunts! Granted they were approx. 25 yards, but they were BIG Canadas and three of the four were bang, dead, all with the patternmaster mid-range choke. Keep the price down and I'm in! FYI I used the old stuff and liked it except for the residue.

Great shells

by -

I buy for me and my Dad, we go through about 2 to 2-1/2 case's a season and we are sold on these shells. We shot the old speedshock but tried the new last year. A lot cleaner load with the same great patterns and knock down power. Well worth the money.

Impressive patterns


I bought a case of these in #4 to try on early season decoying mallards in small seepage ponds. Took out my new Stoeger M3000 that I had just fitted and shimmed, with a patternmaster mid-range tube. Fired six shots @40yds. Consistantly placed 191-193 pellets in 30" circle w/very few fliers. Having counted 230 pellets in both shells that I cut open, that comes to 84% strikes. Pellets very round and polished and consistant. Seem cleaner than the old, but only six shots. Have to kill some birds before adding a star, but I'm certainly impressed at this point! Was Heavy Steel user.

We’ll See


Used Federal shells for over 40 years. The powder got so dirty that I quit using Federals. One box of shells and it looked like I hadn’t cleaned my shotgun in years.
<br>I’ll give a case a try and let everybody know whether or not the cleaner powder is actually cleaner.

You don’t regret it


Best shells for the price. I’ve been shooting the federal blue box for a while now and I’ve never regretted it. Way better than any other round for a similar price. Federal ammo is the way to go.