Field Proven Calls

Turkey Pot Call, Black Cherry

SKU: FPC-361
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Field Proven Calls

Turkey Pot Call, Black Cherry

| Frequently Asked Questions
Field Proven Calls Turkey Pot Call, Black Cherry (361)
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Product Details

BRAND: Field Proven Calls
COLOR: Brown
CALL TYPE: Pot Calls

Turkey Pot Call, Black Cherry

The Black Cherry's foundation is a hand sanded double sided sound chamber shaped out of premium Cherry Wood. FPC carefully set a premium glass sound board and a precision cut anodized aluminum top. The call is then paired with their very own African Padauk wood striker.

The Surface

The anodized aluminum surface offers much more versatility than average aluminum calls and is a less aggressive aluminum calling surface which allows the hunter to easily tone down the call when needed but still has the ability to strike a gobble at long range distances. The black aluminum is also less likely to be spotted by a wary gobbler trying to pick you out. When conditioning the anodized surface just lightly brush with the included "rough pad" in a motion away from your body with the "It's time to hunt" logo on the left side of the call, then run the striker across the conditioned marks you've made on the surface for optimum call performance.

The Striker

The Padauk striker just might be the icing on the cake in this package. African Padauk has a coarse texture with fairly large and open pores, which tones the sound down and offers excellent sound control during subtle yelps, clucks and purrs. By adding just a little more applied pressure this striker can produce are piercing cuts and cackles that will strike a gobble out of any old stubborn tom.


  • Anodized aluminum surface for durability and ultimate sound control
  • Matched with a premium grade Padauk Turkey Striker, offers subtle sounds unlike any other aluminum
  • Double sided anodized aluminum over glass
  • High quality cherry pot