G. Loomis

IMX-PRO Jig & Worm Casting Rods

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G. Loomis

IMX-PRO Jig & Worm Casting Rods

| Frequently Asked Questions
G. Loomis IMX-PRO Jig & Worm Casting Rod
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Product Details

BRAND: G. Loomis

The ultimate goal for the new IMX-PRO Series of bass rods is to provide the serious tournament angler with a broad offering of high performance, technique-specific rods. Blank tapers have been refined. Componentry is designed to achieve maximum comfort with subtly tapered rear grips to give you that split-grip feel with full grip comfort. Guides are tangle-free Fuji K-frames. These rods are a noticeable step above, not only E6X, but all previous generations of IMX! As manufacturing processes and materials improve, the G-Loomis mantra has been and will always be to build the best rod they can possibly make, given the level of desired performance.

This new IMX-PRO Series is a great example. It's a blend of innovation in design and hi-tech materials that combine to create a rod blank that reacts quickly, loads efficiently and provides more sensitivity than any IMX rod in the G-Loomis catalog. It all starts with an entirely new, high modulus, high performance material, creating rods of equal power and strength with less material, giving a weight savings of as much as 18% compared to like models in E6X. Achieving this without sacrificing strength or power is a huge advantage for the angler. With strategic scrim placement during blank construction they are able to achieve more exacting tapers that give the angler the proper flex and power placement for specialized techniques such as fishing jigs, soft plastics and other bottom contact techniques. Accuracy, sensitivity, as well as positive line and lure control all come together with the new IMX-PRO Series to give the serious angler maximum enjoyment, as well as a major competitive advantage! These rods are a step above anything this company have ever made at the IMX performance level and one that is sure to make you a more successful angler. IMX-PRO... a true revelation in bass rods with the quality and performance you expect from G.Loomis!

Standard Specs

  • Number of Pieces: 1
  • Rod Length Options: 6'8", 7'1"
  • Rod Handle Type: 6'8" A / 7'1" B
  • Guides Type: Tangle-free Fuji K-frames
  • Rod Power Options: Medium, Medium Heavy, Heavy

Specs: Medium

  • Rod Action: Ex-Fast
  • Lure Weight: 1/8-3/8
  • Line Weight: 10-14

Specs: Medium Heavy

  • Rod Action: Ex-Fast
  • Lure Weight: 3/16-5/8
  • Line Weight: 12-16

Specs: Heavy

  • Rod Action: Fast
  • Lure Weight: 5/16-3/4
  • Line Weight: 14-20