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Hevi-Metal Goose and Duck Loads, 12 GA 3" 1 1/4oz 1500FPS

SKU: EM-30888
11 Reviews
($0.72 per round)
$179.99 $239.99

Hevi-Metal Waterfowl Load uses Pattern Density Technology which boosts pellet count to 'fill in the blanks' of your shotgun pattern. These high energy, high density shotshells put 20% more lethal pellets on-target at 40 yards than any steel ammunition and boost clean kills

Sold by the case. 10 boxes per case. 25 shells per box.

Goose Loads

IDGaugeLengthShot SizeShot WeightVelocity
3088812 3BBB1¼ oz1500 FPS
30088123BB1¼ oz1500 FPS

Duck Loads

IDGaugeLengthShot SizeShot WeightVelocity
3000212321¼ oz1500 FPS
3000312331¼ oz1500 FPS
30004123411/4 oz

1500 FPS


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BRAND - HeviShot
GAUGE - 12
SHOT WEIGHT OZ - 1 1/4 oz

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A little pricey, but these shells are incredible!


My hunting buddies and I started shooting these a little over a year ago after becoming frustrated at the number of crippled divers we would lose. (If you hunt divers, you get it) When we started using these our number of cripples dramatically d...

Awesome ammunition


I love heavy metal. I expect really love it when Rogers has the rebate. Then I'm definitely buying it. I do a lot of duck hunting so I cannot afford however when it's on rebate I'm in. Superior killing power relatively speaking

Best killing loads EVER


This product, coupled with my favorite wad-stripping choke tube, just HAMMERS the ducks and geese!! This is by far my favorite kind of waterfowl shotshell. I use the BBB loads for geese, and the #3 for ducks. Doesn't matter whether decoying or ...

Best premium shells on the market.


I've been using these shells (12&20 gauge) for the last 4+ seasons and all I can say is that they are a long range capable bird killing my machines.

Best shot shell around for the price


Hevi-metal is the best shot she'll in my opinion. Holds a great pattern at a distance. Rogers Sporting Goods is my favorite place to purchase my waterfowl equipment from. Fastest shipping from any sporting goods store! Thanks Rogers!

Good shells


I tried 2 cases of this stuff, and it really thumps the birds. I bought it on sale with a $50/case rebate. I will continue to buy when on sale with a rebate, but will probably just shoot steel otherwise.

Great load and rebate


I've been shooting Hevi-metal for a couple years now. I really enjoy these shells and have noticed a decrease in follow-up shots. On paper, they pattern great. I do however feel that the blended shot creates a longer shot string, but I don't ne...



Bought these in sized 2 shot for both ducks and geese with the hevi choke tubes. Nice even pattern with the mid and ext range chokes. They really smack the birds hard and have less follow up shots required than other steel shot shells. Have never ...

I finally found my favorite shells!


Finally found the shells that pattern well in my gun. I shoot a Winchester SXP with a Kick's High Flyer full choke. The Hevi Metal #4's pattern great with my setup. I had previously tried many of the popular shells on the market and just couldn't ...

Makes ducks drop like rain when cut um thunders out


Have shot a little of it all over the years. This the hardest hitting, cleanest killing ammunition for duck hunting I have came across, other than Kent fasteel. When you catch it on sale it's a no brainier, it's worth the money.

These work better than everything else for the price.


Like seemingly everything else related to hunting these days, these shells seem to keep getting more expensive. If it weren't for the rebates offered, I wouldn't be shooting them. the rebates and Roger's Sporting Goods shipping keep these in line....