12 Gauge Dead Coyote Ported Choke Tube

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12 Gauge Dead Coyote Ported Choke Tube

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BRAND: HeviShot

12 Gauge Dead Coyote Choke Tube

Serious predator hunters know the importance of a good choke tube when trying to anchor critters with a scattergun. This line of choke tubes from Hevi-Shot is specifically designed for consistent patterns at extended ranges when using large shot sizes favored by predator hunters. The ported design of this choke drops gas pressure at the muzzle decreasing muzzle jump and recoil for faster follow-up shots on running coyotes. If you like to get predators up close and personal, you need to give this choke tube a shot.


  • Gauge: 12
  • Type: Ported
  • Constriction: .663"
  • Shot Type: Hevi-Shot, Lead, Copper Plated Lead
  • Material: Stainless Steel