Higdon Battleship Super Magnum Foam Filled Mallard Floaters, 6 Pack

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Higdon Battleship Super Magnum Foam Filled Mallard Floaters, 6 Pack

Super Magnum Foam Filled Mallard Floaters

Dominate any set up with Higdon's signature "Battleship" mallard decoys. Set the standard of your spread with realism, visibility, and the highest dependability. Foam Filling virtually makes it bulletproof. Swivel Heads for multiple poses.

Weighted keel for quick and easy set-up. Keel allows short stringing decoys for shallow water. Highly detailed painting process for added realism.

Package Includes:

  • 4 Drakes & 2 Hens. 
  • 20.75" long

A percentage of your purchase will go towards wetland conservation.

BRAND - Higdon
FLOCKING - Painted

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almost there


this would be a 5 star product, but that low riding hen mallard is a pain in late season big water hunting. ices up really fast. have pulled her from our set ups. otherwise, good decoy, great paint, and locking heads hold up well.

Great decoy! Draws ducks in from way off.


love these decoys. They stand out really well, especially on big water. Seemed to be built really well. Used them in our spread with a bunch of Dakota decoys mallards on our last hunt and killed several ducks that locked up and came in from way...

low rider sucks


that low riding hen is a pain in the latter part of the season. she will ice up so bad, that you just can not deal with it in your set. For that reason, I've got several in m y garage that are collecting dust. Otherwise, the rest do really ride well in rough water. Paint holds up well.