Higdon Pulsator 2, Plug-n-Hunt Hardwire System

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Introducing the Pulsator 2, Plug-N-Hunt 4-Unit Hardwire System. The New Hardwire System will revolutionize waterfowl hunting in a permanent set-up situation and is easy enough to put out in portable hunting senerios. The Pulsator 2 Plug-N-Hunt base unit consists of a main-wire that runs a distance of 60 feet from your blind/hunting location then splits off into four separate wires, each with different lengths (10', 20', 30', 30'). 

Attached to the very end of each wire are our new Pulsator 2 “duck butts Inch which surge a spray of water every time the bumper switch is pushed. This motion perfectly simulates feeding ducks. Just spread the units out to the desired location and hook up to a 12V battery (not included) and you are hunting over a realistic motion spread in a matter of a few minutes. If you prefer not to use the manual bumper switch add the optional HW Pulsator 2 Timer for continuous realistic motion.

BRAND - Higdon

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