Lucky Duck Dabbler HD with Remote Included

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Lucky Duck 21-11916-7 Dabbler HD with Remote Included

Lucky Dabbler HD

Movement is the key to decoying birds on calm days. The Lucky Dabbler resembles a feeding drake mallard with its feet kicking and throwing water, creating surface disturbance. The Dabbler can be ran continuously or in timer mode (10 seconds on and 5 seconds off).

This decoy features an ultra-realistic paint scheme and is made our of durable EVA plastic that resists cracking. The Dabbler includes splashing paddles, 6-volt rechargeable battery, smart charger, and heavy duty foam float. Decoy is remote ready and works with Lucky HD remote kit (sold separately).

  • Resembles a feeding mallard
  • Runs continuously or on timer mode (10 seconds on and 5 seconds off)
  • Durable EVA plastic body
  • Water activated switch
  • HD remote kit ready (sold separately)


  • Splashing straps
  • 6 volt battery and smart charger
  • Heavy duty foam float

BRAND - Lucky Duck
FLOCKING - Painted

Add it to your must haves


These things are great to keep that water movin, and taking the birds eyes off you and keeping it on the spread. Its a must have for those backwater feeding areas the ducks are hitting. Give it plenty of decoy line to let it dance to its fullest.

Good Motion, but 2/2 only lasted two seasons


I bought two of these to help add motion to our spread. We hunt mostly public marshes and the two I used seemed to flare more than a few birds, but they added great motion so we left them in the spread. During the second season of using them, the first one quick during a calm blue sky day, and a few days later the second did the same. When I opened them up, everything was dry, they just quit.

Great motion


Awesome for motion! Keeps water moving and super durable.

Great product!


This is a great product that will provide the natural movement you are looking for to fool those stale birds in the late season and it runs perfectly and is very dependable!

More Motion = More Success in the Field


Great way to add natural water-kicking motion of a feeding duck to your spread. Especially good on early season birds during tough, stale-water days.

Needs some re-engineering


The water movement it creates is great. But it needs re-engineered. Screwing off the bottom of the decoy to charge, change a battery, or turn the decoy on/ off creates problems.
<br>This decoy also struggles in sub-freezing temps. The wings will freeze and the motor won’t turn them until unthawed.
<br>It’s also very big, heavy, and awkward to carry into places. This decoys belongs at a permanent spread. Not for hauling into walk-ins.
<br>I do like the remote system. And how the wings work.

Ready for a engineered revision.


I bought two of these. Love the feet and how they attach and that they are floatable very wise. They put Motion in decoys which is awesome. They really need an external charging port in addition to and on off switch. Cold, gloved hands, and duck hunting go together and jacking with this little stuff that you have to is not desired when standing over the water. You want to flip an external Switch and Go and you are not able to do that due to its design. You have to unscrew the bottom find a little switch in the dark and then screw it back together. In addition the wire that you have to plug into the bottom unit that's attached to the motor on top is not very easy to connect and disconnect because it is a 90 degree angled plug. Straight plug would be much easier to unplug since for the most part you are recommended to unplug it each and every time after use.
<br>Also a rubber gasket could be easily utilize one would imagine to make this unit waterproof.