Mallard Motel

Mallard Motel Stand

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Mallard Motel

Mallard Motel Stand

| Frequently Asked Questions
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BRAND: Mallard Motel

Create a larger, more realistic decoy spread with the Mallard Motel Decoy Tree. Patented design simulates lifelike movement, bringing in even the wariest of waterfowl. Can be used with up to 6 decoys. Durable steel construction stands up to the harshest elements, season after season. Use with Mojo or Edge Lucky Duck decoys. Sets up and takes down in minutes. Dimensions: 3"D x 10.5"W x 76"H. Weight: 23 lbs.

Migrating ducks see it all as they make their way to their wintering grounds. The longer the season goes on, the harder it is to convince them that your spread is where they want to be. They’ve seen single stake motion decoys but now the game has changed.

The Mallard Motel™ has vacancy for up to 6 motorized decoys on the same stand giving you the flexibility to give the ducks what they want. Better yet, the Mallard Motel’s patented extension arms pivot and bounce with the slightest wind really bringing your decoys to life. The Mallard Motel™ will help you close the deal on the wariest of waterfowl as they check-in on your spread giving you the shot to check them out.

  • More Decoys – Can be used with 1, 2 or up to 6 decoys; whatever the hunting situation calls for.
  • More Movement – Patented design simulates life-like movement, bringing in even the wariest of waterfowl.
  • More Ducks – Up to six spinning wing decoys give the appearance of multiple ducks landing—not a single decoy with moving wings. Ducks like to be in the company of large numbers of other ducks. The Mallard Motel™ brings in those stubborn high fliers and shy, late-season birds.