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Little Wolf With Treble Hook Fishing Lure

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Mepps Fishing Lures

Little Wolf With Treble Hook Fishing Lure

| Frequently Asked Questions
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BRAND: Mepps Fishing Lures


The new Mepps Little Wolf is for any angler who appreciates the handcrafted quality of yesterday and the vibrant fish-attracting colors of today.

It's a rugged, solid brass spoon that will not rust or tarnish like many other ordinary spoons. Its genuine silver-plating produces one bright white flash after another as it is pulled through the water, and its reverse-curve design features ten distinct highly-reflective surfaces that disburse light equally in all directions.

All Little Wolf's feature a perfect blend of vinyl and acrylic oven-baked finishes with a contrasting logo for maximum visibility and durability. Mepps proprietary finishes are far more chip- resistant than similar finishes on similar products.

As if this wasn't enough, all Mepps Little Wolves have a razor-sharp, perfectly honed hook with high-visibility strike-attractor tube. Together, these entice more fish to strike while yielding a higher hooking percentage. Every Little Wolf is perfectly balanced to maintain the same intense side-to-side wobbling action at all retrieval speeds. It doesn't stall when you stop your retrieve. Instead, it maintains its action as it falls.

The 1/8 oz. Mepps Little Wolf is perfect for stream trout and panfish (bluegills, sunfish, or crappies). The 1/4 oz. will not only catch larger stream trout, it is also perfectly-sized for smallmouth bass and walleye.

Keep in mind, these light spoons require a nimble rod, equipped with a light action reel spooled with light line; nothing heavier than six-pound-test. Two-pound-test to four-pound-test is better. The Little Wolf is ideal for teaching youngsters the basics of spinner fishing, as they are heavy enough to cast well with light tackle, yet they are small enough to catch a variety of fish.

Three years of development and testing means every Mepps Little Wolf performs perfectly right out of the package.

Use 1/8 oz For:

  • Bluegill / Sunfish / Bream
  • Crappie
  • Perch
  • Rock Bass / Goggle Eye
  • White Bass

Use 1/8 oz and 1/4 oz For:

  • Arctic Char
  • Arctic Grayling
  • Barracuda
  • Bluefish
  • Bonefish
  • Brook Trout
  • Brown Trout
  • Carp
  • Chum (Dog) Salmon
  • Cutthroat Trout
  • Dolly Varden Trout
  • Humpback (Pink) Salmon
  • Kokanee (Landlocked Sockeye) Salmon
  • Ouananiche (Landlocked Atlantic) Salmon
  • Pickerel
  • Rainbow Trout / Palomino Trout
  • Redfish / Red (Puppy) Drum
  • Sauger
  • Smallmouth Bass
  • Snook
  • Sockeye (Red) Salmon
  • Speckled (sea) Trout / Weakfish
  • Steelhead
  • Walleye