Minn Kota

i-Pilot Link System - PowerDrive v2

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Minn Kota

i-Pilot Link System - PowerDrive v2

| Frequently Asked Questions
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BRAND: Minn Kota

i-Pilot Link System allows your Minn Kota PowerDrive V2 trolling motor to communicate with your Humminbird fishfinder and LakeMaster digital GPS maps - opening up a new universe of navigation capabilities. The integrated system delivers automatic boat control and the ability to store and revisit your best fishing spots. Plus, you can take control from your Humminbird or the full-color LCD screen on the Link remote.

i-Pilot Link Wireless Remote - i-Pilot Link's wireless remote features a full-color LCD screen to display your current function, user menus, GPS signal strength, prop status and battery state. Powered by a rechargeable battery, the remote is waterproof and it floats. The i-Pilot Link system can learn multiple remotes for added flexibility.
Follow The Contour - If you're fishing at a certain depth, i-Pilot Link can keep you on it automatically. With a LakeMaster SD card in your Humminbird, i-Pilot Link will follow any contour you choose—in either direction—for as long as you want.  *Follow The Contour feature available only on i-Pilot Link enabled LakeMaster Digital GPS Maps
Contour Offset - You can also stay a set distance from a depth contour or the shoreline by activating Contour Offset. Set your boat a certain distance from either a selected depth contour or the shoreline, and cast to it all day long.  Follow any LakeMaster depth contour you choose, automatically, or cast to it from a set distance with Contour Offset.
Spot-Lock for i-Pilot Link - Spot-Lock helps keep you within 5 feet of a fishing spot, like an electronic anchor. When your boat begins to drift more than 5 feet from your selected fishing spot, i-Pilot Link will take you back automatically.
Go To Spot-Lock...Use Go To Spot-Lock to return to your spot, and lock back into it upon arrival.
Go To Waypoint...Return to a stored waypoint with Go To Waypoint. It automatically takes you to your select waypoint at any speed you choose, and upon arrival, you can go into Spot-Lock, AutoPilot or shut off the prop.
iTrack - Never lose another successful trolling path. iTracks are paths in the water (up to 2 miles long) that you can store and retrace whenever you want.
Go To iTrack...Return to your stored tracks with Go To iTrack. It automatically takes you to the closest waypoint of your selected track, and lets you retrace the path in either direction.
Advanced AutoPilot for i-Pilot Link - Stay on any heading you choose with unparalleled GPS accuracy while compensating for wind, waves, current and side drift. Just set a heading by using your Humminbird cursor or pointing the motor head in the direction you want to travel. Then push a button and let i-Pilot Link keep you on that heading.
CoPilot for i-Pilot Link - Take wireless command of speed, steering and on/off from anywhere on the boat with the CoPilot functions on your i-Pilot Link remote.
Cruise Control for i-Pilot Link - Entice fish with perfect bait presentation by using Cruise Control. Lock in your actual on-the-water speed and adjust it in .1 mile-per-hour increments.

i-Pilot Link Compatibility:

MINN KOTA - i-Pilot Link is compatible with Minn Kota Terrova, PowerDrive V2, Riptide ST and Riptide SP bow-mount trolling motors.

HUMMINBIRD - i-Pilot Link is compatible with most Ethernet-equipped Humminbird fishfinder units.  CLICK HERE for compatibility list.

LAKEMASTER - i-Pilot Link is compatible with i-Pilot Link enabled LakeMaster Digital GPS Maps, which are necessary to perform the Follow The Contour function.
i-Pilot Link Storage - Store Spot-Locks, Waypoints and iTracks either on the fishfinder or internally in the i-Pilot Link control head.
Fishfinder Storage:
  • 2,500 Spot-Locks and Waypoints
  • 50 i-Tracks
i-Pilot Link Control Head Storage:
  • 16 Spot-Locks and Waypoints
  • 16 iTracks
Warranty: 2 year
Manufacturer item #1866410