Minn Kota

MKP-7 Weedless Wedge Propellor

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Minn Kota

MKP-7 Weedless Wedge Propellor

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BRAND: Minn Kota

This 100% weedless prop is designed to push weeds away and conserve battery power.

Even at slow speeds, it powers through heavy vegetation or cover. Fits 3-5/8" motor diameters.

Exclusive Weedless Wedge props

The patented Weedless Wedge is the only 100% weedless prop in the history of fishing. The leading edge on each propeller blade is shaped with a swept-back edge that always meets at an angle of less than 45 degrees.  “Wedges Inch weeds away from the hub -  even at slow fishing speeds.

Fits motor models With serial number prefix “mK Inch or “J Inch through “m Inch

MAX 55, MAX 55/H, MAX 55/SC, MAX 50T, MAX 55T, 65Pd, 50Pd, 55Pd, 55Pd/AP, 55Pd/US, 55AP, 55AP/US, 65AP, 65Pd/AP, 65Pd/US, 65AP/US, 54Pd PonToon, 64Pd PonToon, rT55/b/SC/L&d, rT55/SC/H, rT55/AP, rT50/S, rT50/S/SC, rT55/S*, endUrA 42, endUrA 44, endUrA 46, endUrA 50, endUr