Minn Kota

Ultrex 112 US2 Bow-Mount Trolling Motor with i-Pilot Link, 45" Shaft/112 lbs Thrust/36v

SKU: MIK-1368830
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Minn Kota

Ultrex 112 US2 Bow-Mount Trolling Motor with i-Pilot Link, 45" Shaft/112 lbs Thrust/36v

| Frequently Asked Questions
Minn Kota 1368830 Ultrex 112 US2 Bow-Mount Trolling Motor with i-Pilot Link, 45" Shaft/112 lbs Thrust/36v
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BRAND: Minn Kota


  • Bluetooth enabled
  • Contol via Ultrex foot pedal, remote, or your smartphone
  • Reinvented i-Pilot Link connects to your Humminbird sonar units
  • i-Pilot uses GPS to aid in boat positioning
  • Cable-driven, power-assisted steering cuts down on foot fatigue
  • Steering lock holds the motor’s heading in any condition
  • Spot Lock GPS Anchoring System with Jog Feature
  • Digital Maximizer high efficiency power extends battery life, keeping you on the water

You no longer need to choose between rugged, instant responsiveness and technology-ridden trolling motors with Minn Kota's Ultrex Bow-Mount Trolling Motor. Reinvented i-Pilot Link connects to your Humminbird® so you can control Ultrex from the Link remote or your Humminbird sonar unit. Plus, it uses GPS to remember fishing spots and control speed, steering, cruise control and Advanced AutoPilot. Link can also follow depth contours, return to productive waypoints and adjust the motor depth with simple controls.

Customizable touchscreen menu fits your personal fishing style. iTrack Record, Playback and Backtrack allows you to create, store and retrace productive paths along contour lines. Go-To takes you to saved waypoints of your choosing. Co-Pilot allows wireless control of speed and steering. Cruise control locks in your speed down to 0.1 mph increments.

Using the instant-response cable driven system you're used to on the Fortrex®, the Ultrex boasts power asisted steering, cutting down on fatigue and saving your energy. Minn Kota refined their Spot Lock technology for tighter tolerance, keeping you on top of the fish. Its single-hinge mono-arm has fewer moving parts than traditional mounts for peerless reliability that meets the demands of tournament anglers. It's marine-grade anodized-aluminum arm is engineered to tighter tolerances for professional-grade strength, resulting in 75% less torsion deflection and less overall weight. The counter-tension stability system eliminates motor play, reducing steering torque at high speeds in rough water, and provides rock-solid, vibration-free stowing. A nitrogen gas-charged spring halves the strength needed to stow or deploy the arm. Bowguard 360™ lets you easily lift the motor and Bowguard off by removing a single cap screw for secure storage on the road or during winter. Includes power-saving Digital Maximizer™ technology with battery meter, and a nearly indestructible composite shaft.

Thrust: 112 lbs
Volts: 36
Shaft Length: 45"
Control: i-Pilot Link Remote/Cable-Drive Foot Pedal, cable drive with Power Assist
Speed: Variable