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Nomad Outdoors

Long Sleeve Cooling 1/4 Zip Tee, Mossy Oak Mountain Country

SKU: NOM-N1200005-MMC
| Frequently Asked Questions
Nomad Outdoors

Long Sleeve Cooling 1/4 Zip Tee, Mossy Oak Mountain Country

| Frequently Asked Questions
Nomad Long Sleeve Cooling 1/4 Zip Tee, Mossy Oak Mountain Country (N1200005-MMC)
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Product Details

BRAND: Nomad Outdoors

Long Sleeve Cooling 1/4 Zip Tee

Perfect for bold early-season hunters or strategic layering when temperatures vary, the Nomad Cooling 1/4-Zip T-Shirt for Men defines high performance. This ultra-breathable Nomad shirt covers your frame in effective camo, durable 90% polyester/10% spandex fabric, and an array of innovative yet practical technologies. The optimized fabric blend promotes unprecedented cooling in the field, with moisture-wicking power to move sweat and keep you drier. Anti-microbial enhancements fight lasting odors to keep your Nomad top fresher, longer. Stain-release shielding gives this camo shirt the power to deflect messy stains or let them go in the wash better than ordinary camo shirts. UV protection shields you from damaging sun rays. Where others watch their step, the Nomad Cooling 1/4-Zip-T-Shirt for Men steps up.

Gear built by hunters for hunters.


  • 90% Polyester / 10% Spandex
  • SilverZ scent control limits the distribution of human scent
  • Ultra-breathable design promotes unmatched cooling
  • Moisure-wicking
  • Anti-microbial enhancements
  • Stain-release power
  • UV Protection

Wicking Technology

To protect hunters from sweat-induced hypothermia during cold weather, Nomad uses synthetic materials with the ability to draw moisture away from the skin and to the exterior of the equipment. This process is called wicking or moisture management. The key to this is the materials' hydrophobic, or water-hating chemical quality within the microfibers of the fabric. These microfibers transport sweat to drier areas from the skin to the exterior of the clothing where it can evaporate more easily. This process not only moves moisture, but also pulls salt from perspiration as well, eliminating an abrasive by-product from perspiration. This is what the term breathability means, that your equipment can exhale moisture away from your body.

The drier you are, the easier it is to regulate your temperature and the more focused you can be on your quarry.

SilverZ Technology

Nomad combats the issue of prey smelling the hunter with an innovative apparel system designed to absorb and limit the distribution of human scent.
To negate body odor, Silver is used as an anti-microbial. Scent is then locked into fabric by infused Zeolite (derived from volcanic rock) and released once washed, regenerating the material to as good as new. This combination of Silver and Zeolite makes you near invisible to your prey.