Power Calls

Gravity AA Goose Call

SKU: HDI-27151


Power Calls

Gravity AA Goose Call

Powercalls 27151 Gravity AA Short Reed Goose Call
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Product Details

BRAND: Power Calls
COLOR: Black
REED TYPE: Single Reed
CALL TYPE: Acrylic

This short-reed Canada Goose call is design for speed and volume.

Its short frame creates an ultra-responsive, fast, high pitched call perfectly designed for running traffic on those high migrators. The shorter barrel allows for far more creativity and inflection into the call versus traditional short-reed goose calls.

The engine of this call, our worn-in Lightning tone board is based off the set of guts World Champion and Champion of Champions Goose Caller Kelley Powers used for years on stage and in the field.

They provide a realistic deep tone from top to bottom as well as a proven winning tradition on stage.

Product DNA

  • Structure: Machined CNC Acrylic Body
  • Coloration: Stealth Black
  • Core Guts: Acrylic Lightning Worn-In Toneboard
  • Reed: Engineered Computer Aided Design (CAD) Mylar PreciseFit Reed
  • Packaging: Watertight Hard Protective Case