June 2015


Please discontinue the use of the following Climbing Treestands immediately:

Product Name: The Marksman Climbing Treestand

Manufacturer: API Outdoors
Part Number: GCL300-A
Batch Number: 9G-0114 or 9G-0614

Product Name: Outlook Climber
Manufacturer: Big Game Treestands
Part Number: CL050
Batch Number: 9B-0414

Product Name: Cobalt Climber
Manufacturer: Big Game Treestands
Part Number: CL100-A
Batch Number: 9B-0214 or 9B-0514

Product Name: Fusion Climber
Manufacturer: Big Game Treestands
Part Number: CL500-AP
Batch Number: 9B-0214 or 9B-0514

The manufacturer has recently discovered that some cable assemblies on certain 2014 climbing treestands may break during use, causing a fall hazard to users.

Note: To determine if the stock you have is affected by this recall, identify the batch number on the side of the box. This batch number will be preceded with BN: and be directly above the weight and country of origin. The batch number is also identified on a small tag riveted to the stand.

Please call the manufacturer on 1-800-268-5077 from 8:00 A.M. to 4:30 P.M. CST


November 21st, 2014


At temperatures below freezing, our 12-gauge, 3-inch HEVI-Metal® and HEVI-Steel® shotshell wads may crack on ignition. This may cause a “squib load”, with an off sound and reduced power.

While this squib load will not damage your gun in any way, it can result in a wad stuck in your barrel, because the force of some of these shells may not be strong enough to push the wad all the way out of the muzzle.

The danger comes if you fire again without clearing a stuck wad from your barrel. This can cause barrel damage or injury. If you hear an off sound with no power, please stop shooting! First, unload your gun – and then check your barrel for obstructions before you fire again!

Please do not shoot these shotshells. Instead, please contact us for replacement shells. We have fixed this problem in current production.

After we were contacted about squib loads, we began an intensive investigation that led to an understanding of the problem by the evening of 19 November. We want to get this notice out to our customers immediately. Please share it with your hunting friends.

The wads we bought between July and mid-November used a low-density polyethylene plastic. We switched yesterday to a linear low density polyethylene, which performs safely in all weather, including very cold weather.

To understand the difference, please go to:…/technol…/material/pe/05.html

Only 12-gauge, 3-inch HEVI-Steel or HEVI-Metal® shotshells with these lot numbers may have the problem:

201576 – 201584
201600 – 201637
201640 – 201659
201665 – 201671
201677 – 201680
201683 – 201699
201702 – 201722
201732 – 201736
301571 – 301609
301643 – 301659
301672 – 301689
301698 – 301701
301713 – 301722
301725 – 301726
301730 - 301734
401335 – 401345
401381 - 401422
401437 - 401463
401466 - 401486
401489 - 401504
401507 - 401519
500001 - 500016

The lot number is stamped on the inside top flap of your box of shotshells.

Our highest priories are your safety and your satisfaction with our products. We will do everything we can to get you the product you deserve if you contact us for replacement shells. For your safety, when you contact us we will arrange to have UPS pick up your unused shells (please put them in a shippable cardboard box such as our master carton) at no charge to you, and we will ship your replacement shells to you at no charge.

Contact Kelly Sorensen, VP of Sales and Marketing by phone: 541.367.3522, or by email:

Ralph Nauman