Rio Royal BlueSteel MGN 32, 12 Gauge 3" 1 1/8oz 1550FPS Max DRAM

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Rio's parent company MAXAM is a global leader in the explosives industry and supplies munitions to civil, military, and sporting markets in more than sixty countries. In June 2015 Rio opened a start-of-the-art 105,000 square foot North American facility in Marshall, Texas assembling a wide range of hunting and target loads for the North American market.

Rio Royal BlueSteel is loaded with perfectly spherical steel shot for use where regulations call for lead-free shotshells. It's ballistically engineered to retain energy down range and generates less pressure, a more consistent pattern and better efficiency than competing brands.


  • Closure: Star crimp
  • Powder: SSB+ 150
  • Brass head 25mm
  • Huge Stopping Power
  • Excellent for long distances
  • SSB+ 150 powder
  • For aquatic games
  • Recommended for wetland areas

Sold by the case. 25 rounds per box, 10 boxes per case, for a total of 250 rounds per case.


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BRAND - Rio Ammunition
GAUGE - 12
SHOT WEIGHT OZ - 1 1/8 oz

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Been good for 2 seasons: Good Value


Reliably killed birds with this for two seasons. Never a malfunction in my VersaMax. Shot a little more than a case and a half so far. Bought another.

No complaints will buy again


Hard to beat the price per case, was concerned how they would hold up being in water as a few shells usually end up swimming in the bottom of my layout boat, no misfire from wet shells, the shell appears to be well made with taller brass than othe...

The Bomb

by -

I've used these shells now for one full season. I've had great success with the #4 Rios in 3 and 1/2, but wanted to try these 3 inch #5s to see if my shot/kill ratio could improve even more..., it did. I have noticeably cleaner kills with the #5s and range has not been sacrificed like I thought it would. As long as it's not crazy windy, these #5s are awesome. If it's blowing more than 18-20 mph, ,go with the #4s or even #3s.