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Rob Roberts Triple Threat 12 Gauge Choke Tubes - Mid Range

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These chokes are the product of years of product development, innovations and the highest most advanced technology available. These chokes have been tested and analyzed to perform consistently. This is guaranteed performance. 

Triple Threat #2 - Mid Range Choke Tube

When you need a choke for shots at the mid range, such as flooded timber mallards, dove and most sporting clays targets, and 16 yard trap, this choke makes the grade. 

Every choke tube we make is from 17-4 PH Stainless Steel. Machined with the most state of the art equipment to tolerances above industry standard. Laser engraved for ease of identification and a mark of pride you can count on for a lifetime.

BRAND - Rob Roberts

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Best all around choke for Benellis


This is what you want in your Benelli in most cases. I've made some amazing shots with this choke in my SBEs and M2. I have T1 that is great for skeet and if you had all decoying birds. Occasionally, I want a little more in late season so am want...

Great choke!

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This choke is fantastic for 20-50 yard shots. I’ve been shooting this choke for three years on everything from Teal to Canada’s. Shot through SBE 2 and 3 with awesome patterns. I picked up the T3 long range, which is a good choke and patterns well. I prefer the T2 for overall pattern and a 20-30 yard shot.