Northern Skies

Squawkbox - 6 Speaker Deluxe Electronic Goose Caller System

| Frequently Asked Questions


Northern Skies

Squawkbox - 6 Speaker Deluxe Electronic Goose Caller System

| Frequently Asked Questions
Squawkbox - 6 Speaker Deluxe Electronic Goose Caller System
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BRAND: Northern Skies
If you've been looking for the ultimate snow goose E-caller, look no further. With over four years of development, The Squawk Box is built from the ground up to be the best E-caller on the market. We started with an extremely durable yet lightweight waterproof dry box. Then we added quality electronic components and other features that cater to the serious snow goose hunter.

Here are some of the key benefits:

Small Form Factor

Outside dimensions are 8 inches by 14 inches by 6 inches.


The box only weighs 10 pounds including the battery and multiple units can easily be carried into the field by one person.


The Squawk Box puts out all the power you'll ever need at 150 watts.


The Squawk box will run up to 18 hours under most hunting conditions with a small gel cell (Vexilar type, 12V) battery. Try doing that with a car stereo amplifier and you'll definitely see the difference. Also, the entire unit can be easily carried out of the field every night for charging.
110v basic household electrical outlets for speaker connection allowing you to vary the distances you place speakers from the box using standard extension cords available just about anywhere.


We used four of these units every day for two months straight last season without a hitch. They were used and abused in the worst conditions possible; rain, mud, blizzards, you name it.

Wireless setup possibilities

We used four separate boxes with two speakers each. We only used one foot of cord on each speaker and pointed them in opposite directions. One person could set up eight speakers anywhere in our spread in under ten minutes with no cords to untangle!

Batteries and Charger not included.