Strike King

Hybrid Hunter Jr Crankbait

Strike King

Hybrid Hunter Jr Crankbait

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BRAND: Strike King


The Hybrid Hunter features a fat-bodied, flat-sided shape with a unique “L-Shaped” 90-degree bill. Combined, these features create a hard thumping, exaggerated hunting action with an extremely loud rattle that causes fish to strike with a vengeance. Thanks to the shape of the body, the unique lip design and the buoyancy of the bait, Strike King pro staffer Todd Castledine said that it is more than a crankbait. “There’s no other bait like it on the market,” said Castledine. “It can work effectively in situations many anglers throw a lipless crankbait, a jerkbait, a crankbait or a swimbait.” The Hybrid Hunter baits are designed to be fished on heavy line and perform best in the 1 to 5-foot of water range.


  • Reflective 3-D eyes
  • Incredibly loud rattle system
  • L-shaped bill
  • Chip-resistant finishes
  • Dives 2-4'
  • 1/2oz