Portable Mosquito Repeller, Olive

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Portable Mosquito Repeller, Olive

| Frequently Asked Questions
Thermacell MR150 Portable Mosquito Repeller, Olive
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BRAND: Thermacell

The Thermacell MR150 Portable Mosquito Repeller effectively repels mosquitoes by creating a 15 x 15 foot protection zone. The MR150 Repeller can be taken virtually anywhere outdoors to repel pesky mosquitoes, black flies and other flying, biting insects, stopping them before they can bite or bother you.


  • Ideal for repelling mosquitoes, black flies and other flying, biting insects from the backyard to the great outdoors
  • Cordless - it runs on Thermacell fuel cartridges
  • Portable and lightweight, made from ABS
  • No spray and no mess
  • Scent-free, so it won't spook game
  • DEET-free. Active ingredient is Allethrin, a synthetic version of a naturally occurring repellent found in chrysanthemum flowers
  • No open flame, no smoky candles
  • Useful for a variety of outdoor activities including hunting, camping, hiking, and deck/patio parties


  • Coverage Area: 15' x 15' | 225 sq ft
  • Dimensions: 6" x 2.3" x 11"
  • Weight: 8 oz

Included in Package

  • 1 MR150 Olive Repeller Unit
  • 12 hours of refills
    • 3 repellent mats
    • 1 fuel cartridge

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