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Whitetail Tarsal Gland Gel, 2 oz

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Code Blue’s strongest and longest-lasting tarsal gland product is effective at attracting whitetail bucks during all 3 phases of the rut.

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Made from real tarsal gland musk mixed with buck urine, Code Blue’s Pure Tarsal Gland Gel leaves a potent scent trail that signals to mature bucks that another dominant buck is in the area. With a thick gel formula that resists evaporation, freezing and washing away, it stays on through extreme weather and works throughout the season. Every deer has a unique scent profile that other deer can use to identify its status, detectable in the distinctive odor of its tarsal gland oils and urine. Code Blue has captured that unique essence in a bottle using From One Deer to One Bottle® collection.

  • The potency of genuine tarsal gland in a thick gel formula, the strongest and longest-lasting of its kind on the market 
  • Delivers an intense, musky “intruder” scent deer use to identify dominance 
  • Made from tarsal gland musk and real buck urine 
  • From One Deer to One Bottle® collection guarantees every bottle contains tarsal gland and urine from one deer 
  • Effective all season long

BRAND - Code Blue

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