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Winchester Blind Side Hex Steel Shot, 12 Gauge 3 1/2" 1 5/8oz 1400FPS

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($1.04 per round)
$259.90 $269.99

Between August 1, 2020 - November 30, 2020, earn $50 for each case of Winchester waterfowl loads you purchase. Earn up to $100 back on Blind Side® ammunition and up to $50 back on Drylok ammunition. Limit 2 cases of Blind Side and 1 case of Drylok. Download the rebate form.

Stacked. Our engineers call it 'packing density'. Tightly packed and stacked Hex(TM) Shot gives you 15% more shot pellets per shell, resulting in more pellets on target. And it's 100% Hex Shot.

Fast. Hex Shot means more payload in a smaller space. The innovative, choke responsive Diamond Cut Wad delivers tight, consistent patterns at higher velocities. The re-engineered Drylok Super Steel system, with "hinged wad" keeps your powder dry and increases velocity.

Deadly. You're dealing out 250% more bird-blistering trauma with Blind Side ammunition. The Hex Shot hits waterfowl like high-velocity tumbling bricks, delivering massive wound channels that maximize energy deposit and knock-down shock within the bird.

A case consists of 10 boxes of 25 shells, 250 rounds total.


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BRAND - Winchester
GAUGE - 12
SHOT WEIGHT OZ - 1 5/8 oz

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Good product


Patterns very well and has excellent knockdown power I shoot 3 shot and it kills geese teal mallards divers you name it with the same power its unreal the difference in wounded birds using this they just die instantly

Hope it isn’t true


I really like the BB’s they may not be the fastest loads but they kill !! Was wondering if they are fazing these loads out there getting hard to find. Our Scheels store are not handling the 3 1/2 inch and neither is FleetFarm