YUM's Yumbrella Rig Without Rattle

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YUM's Yumbrella Rig Without Rattle

| Frequently Asked Questions
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Yumbrella Rig by YUM 

The new Yumbrella Rig from Yum capitalizes on the multi-rig phenomenon with a rig manufactured with "super wire," stainless steel that has been repeatedly heat-treated for strength and flexibility. The five super wire arms are attached with a true molded coupler for incredible toughness and durability, ensuring that the wire arms never break free.

A deadly way to target suspending bass, stripers and other gamefish feeding on baitfish, the Yumbrella Rig allows you to throw five Yum Money Minnows, grubs or spinnerbaits at once, to simulate a small school of baitfish. The 45-pound-strength snap and 75-pound-strength swivels ensure flawless performance on big fish.

Professional bass angler, Paul Elias used an umbrella-rig to run away with the win at the October 2011 Lake Guntersville FLW Tour Open. (The entire top-5 actually used umbrella-rig as well). Dan Morehead also used the umbrella-rig to win at the Kentucky Lake Everstart Championship, as did Scott Brummett at the Walmart BFL Wheeler Lake Regional.

7' Multi-swimming Rig

Yum Yumbrella Rig Fishing Lure Features:

  • Five 7 inch arms with a built-in rattle chamber
  • Constructed with the highest quality wire, snaps, and swivels, at an affordable price
  • Weight - 1/2 oz.
  • Simulates a school of baitfish
  • Retrieve fast or slow depending on aggressiveness of fish
  • Use heavier jig heads to fish deep, or light jig heads to fish shallow
  • Use with swimbaits, grubs, and spinnerbaits
  • Cover lots of water and find schooling fish fast
  • Baits and hooks not included

**Don't forget to check your State's fish and game rules and regulations - a fully rigged Yumbrella Rig is illegal in some States.